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London Luton Reopens for Night Flights

London Luton Airport has reopened for night arrivals and departures.

Night-time runway slot restrictions affecting aircraft arriving and departing London Luton Airport have been reduced, with airport slots now available 24/7.


Limitations on nightly aircraft movements have been reduced, returning London-Luton to full 24 hour operations with an approved overnight slot. Slots are now being issued for night time arrivals, and London-Luton can be used for non-emergency diversions.


Night time aircraft movements at London-Luton are subject to a maximum of 33 operations and 4 QC noise points per week. The weekly measurement period begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday, and is in effect from 2330Z to 0659Z each day. Any unused weekly movements are banked, transferring to the next week.

Operators will need to provide a copy of their aircraft noise certificate if they intend to perform an overnight operation.


Aircraft exceeding noise quotient QC1 standard will be ineligible for night-time slots during the summer of 2019.