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ALERT: Due to an incident at the Chicago area ATC facility, MDW, ORD, and PWK are under operational restrictions. In order to minimize delays for flights operating out of ZAU, the Command Center is asking all Operators to include the adjacent Center’s address in their filing. Otherwise it will create a manual work-load which will result in delays. The addresses are as follows: Flights to/through Cleveland Center (ZOB): KZOBZQZX Flights to/through Indianapolis Center (ZID): KZIDZQZX Flights to/through Kansas City Center (ZKC): KZKCZQZX Flights to/through Minneapolis Center (ZMP): KZMPZQZX. ALERT: Chicago Executive Airport's (PWK) Runway 16/34 will have regular night closures from September 5th, 2014 until October 21, 2014 due to threshold improvements. The airfield will remain open during these closures with reduced runway length and width available. The ILS system for Runway 16/34 will be inoperative. Please visit the PWK page for a schedule of closures, or contact the FBO for more details.

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