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Flying into Palm Beach? Welcome! We've got you covered.

5 Excellent Alternate Area FBOs for Palm Beach Int'l Airport Presidential Temporary Flight Restrictions

Mandatory Aircraft Screening for Aircraft Visiting Palm Beach on Select Dates

Aircraft and passengers destined for Palm Beach Int’l Airport must receive an inspection at a gateway airport prior to their arrival at PBI.


A presidential temporary flight restriction will be imposed for aircraft flying to Palm Beach Int’l Airport. The following airports have been selected as screening sites:

Due to anticipated high demand at the screening airports, it is advised that flight crews make a reservation with the FBO in advance of their arrival.


Departures are permitted via Signature Palm Beach and  Signature NetJets, but are subject to TSA screening prior to departure.


The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) will be conducting screenings from 0800L to 1900L at these airports for the duration of the TFR. The TSA will require 24 hours advance notice of departure, and reservations for screening can be made by contacting the TSA directly at +1 561 616 9650.

Operators should expect the screening of all passengers, crew members, aircraft interior and exterior searches, and luggage.  Metal detection wands and hand searches will be carried out by TSA agents, and passengers and crew need to provide government issued identification. Firearms are expressly prohibited on any  aircraft arriving or departing Palm Beach. 


Alternate Airports

North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport - F45
  • The closest airport to the closed 10NM TFR ring.
  • 25 minutes to Palm Beach.
  • Up to midsize jets.
  • Best option for Northern Palm Beach.

Boca Raton Airport - BCT
  • The second closest airport to the 10NM TFR ring.
  • 25 minutes to Palm Beach.
  • Nearest choice for large cabin jets.
  • Best option for Southern Palm Beach.

Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Int'l Airport - FLL
  • Just outside the 30NM restricted ring.
  • 45 minutes to Palm Beach.

Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport - OPF
  • Away from TFR impacts.
  • 60 minutes to Palm Beach.
  • Ample ramp space.