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London Luton Nightly Noise Limits

London Luton Airport will experience nightly restrictions during summer 2018 for noise abatement.

Night-time runway slot restrictions will affect aircraft arriving and departing London Luton Airport.


London Luton Airport will be closed to arrivals and departures between 2200Z and 0559Z from June 1st to September 30th, 2018 due to noise abatement regulations. Slots will no longer be issued during this time interval, and daytime slot allocations cannot be changed to night-time.

Furthermore, non-emergency daytime and night-time diversions are prohibited entirely from June 1st to September 30th.

Additionally, aircraft exceeding Quota Count (QC) 1 noise guidelines are ineligible for daytime slots (0600Z to 2159Z) for the period starting June 1st through September 30th.


London Luton Airport will be closed to all traffic on November 10th, November 11th, November 17th, and November 18th from 0001L to 0530L for runway maintenance.


Aircraft exceeding QC1 standard will be ineligible for night-time slots during the summer of 2019.


Aircraft arriving or departing London affected by curfew hours may consider using Signature London-Gatwick, Signature Birmingham, Signature East Midlands, or Signature Shannon as regional 24-hour alternatives.