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Our commitment to providing the cleanest and safest facilities in private aviation.

Today, more than ever, choice of FBO matters. With over 200 locations in 27 countries, only Signature has the scope, scale and experience to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience. Customers have come to trust and expect our industry-leading approach and we are investing in the latest technology to ensure the health and safety of our team members, our flight crew guests, and the traveling public.


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We've launched the SignatureAssure program to ensure that we provide the cleanest, safest facilities in the private aviation industry. Comprised of standardized protocols that combat the spread of COVID-19, you can trust Signature is taking extra steps at every locations across our worldwide network to ensure your health and safety.


May 2021 Update: Federal Mask Mandated Extend Until September

A May 2021 Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Directive issued by the US Federal Government requires visitors transiting through a Fixed Base Operator facility within the United States to wear a mask until September 13, 2021. Operators are advised that both passengers and crew members must wear a mask during the entire duration of their stay within the FBO. The full text of the Security Directive is available at the link below. 

TSA Security Directive

Precautions to Keep You Safe

In order to ensure the safety of our team members, our flight crews, and our passengers, we've implemented comprehensive safety processes across our global network of FBOs.


Aircraft Safety Standards

  • Signature continues to observe our tow team policy, requiring an appropriate number of team members for every aircraft tow..
  • We've maintained our aircraft fuel quality control program at every location throughout the pandemic, ensuring our Jet A and avgas products are free of microbial buildup and contaminants after extended storage.

Social Distancing

  • In many jurisdictions, wearing a mask in public is mandatory. Signature requests that all guests wear masks when entering the FBO. Complimentary face masks for travelers are available throughout our network.
  • FBO terminals have introduced social distancing markers, including signage and floor markings, to support 6 feet of separation between guests.
  • Where possible, furniture and tables have been spaced to incorporate greater distance.
  • To prevent food-based transmission of illness, our FBOs are providing prepackaged food options, and are providing single use cups, plates, and cutlery as an alternative to dishware.
  • Staff members will not board an aircraft, instead conducting all necessary servicing (including catering delivery) from a safe distance.
  • Valet service (where available) has been modified, requiring employees to apply new personal protective equipment every time a vehicle is moved.
  • A reduction has been implemented in the number of van passengers allowed to be transported at one time.
  • Literature, linens, and non-essential common use items have been removed from public areas or is packaged for individual use.

Employee Readiness

  • All Signature Flight Support employees are required to wear a face mask when in proximity to customers or in enclosed public areas.
  • Signature is using touchless thermometers and pulse oximeters to monitor the health of employees before starting their shift in jurisdictions where required.
  • All Signature employees are required to be current in their training and accreditation, ensuring continued consistent, safe service on the ramp.

Facility Readiness

  • All locations have implemented a prescriptive approach to common and public area cleaning, frequently wiping down common touchpoints.
  • Signature has implemented a 50 point cleaning checklist that is completed multiple times a day.
  • We have introduced electrostatic sprayers throughout our top locations that can sanitize large areas rapidly, including public areas and vehicle interiors.

View our PDF guides to our safety precautions and navigating the new normal.
Guide for Operators Guide for Passengers

Location Impact Map

Signature is taking active measures to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, and many of our FBOs continue to operate normally with heightened cleaning procedures. Some airports may be experiencing capacity constraints, which are highlighted on the map, and some FBOs may operate under reduced hours



National Car Rental

National Car Rental, the preferred rental car partner of Signature Flight Support, details all vehicles to meet their ‘Complete Clean Pledge’, sanitizing 20 key touch­points before every rental. Visit nationalcar.com to make a reservation.