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Scottsdale Ramp Renovations

Irregular parking operations from May to September 2018

Signature Scottsdale is open for business during ramp renovations

Phase 1

Ramp renovations at Signature Scottsdale will start on May 1, 2018 with the closure of the ramp adjacent to the FBO terminal, and is expected to continue through June 1st.

Phase 2

Resurfacing will then proceed to the south entrance to the ramp from Taxiway Bravo, restricting aircraft to the northern ramp entrance. Aircraft may be required to hold to allow traffic on and off the ramp.

Phase 3

Phase 3's impact will be limited to the southern portion of the ramp.

Phase 4

The final segment of pavement resurfacing will take place on the north end of the ramp, and will require the closure of the north ramp exit. Aircraft may experience delays to allow traffic through the south arrival taxiway.