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June 2010

This month: Washington, DC, USA

Washington, DC

The District of Columbia, Washington, DC, is the US capital, home to the White House, Capitol, Kennedy Center, Smithsonian and much more. The many points of interest combined with a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, politically-charged population make DC a popular and fascinating city for its legions of annual visitors.

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5 things you should know about Washington, DC

1 Monuments & Memorials: Icons of US History line the streets of Washington, DC:
  the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument...
2 The National Air and Space Museum: Discover the nascent days of flight
  to the outer limits of the solar system, for free!
3 The Bureau of Engraving and Printing: The US Dollar may be printed here,
  but alas, no samples are handed out.
4 Smithsonian Folklife Festival: Celebrate cultural traditions – dance, food,
  storytelling - from around the world. June 24–28 and July 1–5, 2010.
5 National Capitol BBQ Battle: Food samples, cooking demos and activities mark this
  "sizzling" summer festival from June 26-27.
Washington, DC

DCA - KDCA: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

DCA - KDCA Airport

National Airport is the nearest commercial airport to Washington, DC. Due to its proximity to federal buildings, enhanced security measures are in place.
Signature Flight Support offers guidance to help pilots and flight departments comply with the DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP). Just contact Signature Flight Support's Mary Miller at +1 703 417 3542.

For details about the DASSP, review this Pilot's Guide to Washington, DC
Access the official website of Ronald Reagan International Airport

Signature DCA features

- DCA Access Standard Security Program Support
- Pilot lounge & shower
- Free cabin cleaning service
- Deicing
- Wheelchair accommodations

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Signature Washington, DC Features

Introducing Maria Sastre and Vicky Elgin

Introducing Maria Sastre and Vicky Elgin

Signature Flight Support recently appointed Maria Sastre as Chief Operating Officer for global operations, and Vickie Elgin as its newest Sales manager.

Ms. Sastre is responsible for the daily operations of Signature's worldwide network of FBOs. Ms. Elgin, meanwhile, is focusing on developing Signature's client base in the Northeast and Midwest of the US, as well as increasing enrollment in the Signature Status loyalty program for aircraft operators.

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