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August 2010

This month: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Washington, DC

A visit to America's famed Windy City yields innumerable pleasures to include nearly 200 art galleries, 552 parks, 15 miles of bathing beaches and deep dish Chicago-style pizza... in no particular order.

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5 things you should know about Chicago

1 What wind?: The term "Windy City" isn't related to Chicago's gusty winds.
  It actually traces back to a euphemism formerly used to describe the city's politicians.
2 Harold Washington Library: Explore the world's largest public library
  housing more than 2 million books. Find anything and everything about
  business on the 4th floor.
3 The Art Institute of Chicago: Take in one of the most extensive collections
  of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings in the world.
4 The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower): Zoom up the tallest building in the
  Western Hemisphere. Its elevators operate as fast as 1,600 ft/min.
5 Historic Route 66: The great American road trip begins at
  Grant Park on Adams Street in front of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Washington, DC

ORD: Chicago O'Hare International Airport

ORD - KORD Airport

O'Hare is about 17 miles northwest of Chicago and was once the world's busiest airfield in terms of takeoffs and landings.

Access the official website of Chicago O'Hare


Signature ORD features

- US Customs, phone: +1 773 894 2900
- VIP Suite
- Pilot lounge and library

"Signature was very friendly, helpful and prompt in taking me to the airport
hotel and picking me up on my return. The controllers at ORD are the professionals you would expect." - David Stern,

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Signature Chicago Features

MDW: Chicago Midway International Airport

MWD - KMDW Airport

Located on the city's southwest side just 10 miles from downtown, Chicago Midway is the second largest passenger airport in the Chicago metropolitan area, after O'Hare.

Access the official website of Chicago Midway International Airport


Signature MDW features

- On-site US Customs, phone: +1 773 948 6330
- Hangar(s) 190,000 sq. ft. - largest aircraft size Global Express
- Pilot lounge and pilot supply shop on airport

"These people are genuine, on spot, and ready to serve. I recommend Signature (MDW) to anyone who intends to stop here." - Jon Montani,

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Signature Midway Chicago Features

PWK: Chicago Executive Airport

PWK - KPWK Airport

Today, Chicago Executive Airport serves the general aviation sector, and is the third busiest airport in Illinois. Approximately 300 aircraft are based on the field and nearly 200,000 take-offs and landings occur annually.

Access the official website of Chicago Executive Airport


Signature PWK features

- On-site US Customs, phone: +1 847.419.1923
- Hangar(s) 480,000 sq. ft. - the largest of any FBO in the Chicago area
- Health and fitness center, complimentary transportation

"Super nice folks at a beautiful FBO. I have always had excellent, courteous, friendly service at every Signature FBO I've stopped at." - Justin Brown,

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Signature Midway Chicago Features

Signature Flight Support Munich adds handling service coordination at German airports

Signature Flight Support Munich

In line with the Signature Service Promise to deliver exceptional customer service and meet all customer needs, Signature Flight Support Munich now has the ability to assist its customers in coordinating additional flight support services such as ground handling, fuel, catering, hotels, limousines and much more at airports throughout Germany. Read more...

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